London Calling


So London was AMAZING!!!! I spent 6 days with Ann, a friend from back home who recently move there to marry a Brit. Her husband, Russ, was on a trip for that week, so it was perfect timing.

We spent Saturday exploring central London and seeing all the most famous places. We started off taking a river bus down the Thames, which allows you to see almost every important London icon. We got off the boat at the London Eye and walked to Big Ben and Westminster. We also saw Westminster Abbey and, across the street, the Methodist Central Hall (probably England’s largest Methodist building- the tour guide wasn’t exactly certain).  We then walked to Trafalgar Square, passing Downing Street on the way (where the Prime Minister lives). From there we explored the National Gallery a bit, though it was crazy crowded. We then walked to Buckingham Palace.  Sadly they were not having changing of the guard ceremonies that day. We finished off the day by walking to Hyde Park and sitting on a bench chatting and watching squirrels chase each other.

Then Sunday we took it a bit easy, and saw the church where Ann was married, and walked around that small community. It was very beautiful. We then went to Ann’s friends house for lunch. It was a fantastic meal, and a great chance to meet some lovely Brits. Afterwards, we walked a bit, and stopped to relax at the Sir Alfred Hitchcock hotel, a building he once owned and lived in.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I explored the city on my own since Ann had to work. I saw all the other major attractions in London: the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, the Queens Walk ( the river-walk along the Thames between Tower Bridge and Lambeth Bridge), Borough’s Market (a large, historic, covered marketplace), Millennium Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the London Museum, John Wesley’s house and chapel, King’s Cross Station, St. Pancras International Station, the British Library, Piccadilly Circus, Harrods, and the Buckingham Palace Mews (stables). I even got to go in Westminster and sit in the gallery of the House of Lords- I didn’t follow much of their debate because I came in partway through the discussion (and older Brits have heavy accents…), but it was really cool to see.

Ann and I finished the visit off perfectly by seeing Thor 2 Wednesday night, which neither of us knew was set in London, but was ironically fitting 🙂 I then flew back to Paris Thursday morning.

As I reflect on the trip, I realize just how wonderful it was. I got to see everything I wanted to see, and just had a blast. London is a very exciting city. I got to meet some wonderful people and have some amazing once in a life-time experiences. I hope I can someday return to London 🙂